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GSoC is easy if you have a planned approach

Sep 12, 2018

Google Summer of Code - I am sure every undergrad has the dream of being selected in it one day. And the good news is that anyone can do so with some effort. By anyone, I mean any person with some appetite for coding and a strong resolve. Seriously, GSoC is not really tough. You just need to follow a good, organized strategy and you can get selected. Especially, Indians have performed exceptionally well this year.

Why you should make things

Sep 7, 2018

I don’t know about other fields of study but making is of paramount importance in Computer Science. Making means creating something. That is, putting your knowledge into practice. Let’s try to understand why is putting knowledge into practice important. But first, why is knowledge important? That is, why do you learn? Why do you educate yourself? To make yourself more employable, to earn more, to make yourself valuable. Right?

Why you should do Competitive Programming, even if a little

Aug 16, 2018

I first started Competitive Programming (CP) in the first year of undergrad college. I should have started sooner. CP has played an important role in my career so far. In fact, it was the major reason I got the freelance contract (Toptal) that I am doing. Simply speaking, being good in Competitive or Sports Programming allowed me to outrank other programmers by a large margin. So yes, CP is important.

Letter to a Computer Science college fresher

Aug 14, 2018

I was recently asked by a Computer Science college fresher about plans and advice for this new adventure of theirs. Here is the exact reply I sent. Hi Slim, I don’t know if this will be a self-fulfilling answer. But here it goes. The truth is, you can’t really plan a lot. At least, that’s what I believe in. Instead, find something that you are interested in, and do it.

How learning modern languages can give you an edge in career

Aug 10, 2018

The new languages coming out these days are amazing, especially when coming from the C’s and Java’s. Go is super fast and a pleasure to code in, thanks to its static typing. Rust has a syntax we all know and love but in bonus, with the speed of C. Dart is nice too, and thanks to Flutter, we can make beautiful native mobile apps using it. And that too, cross-platform.