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The story of Clipjump - Lessons learned while reaching 100k+ downloads as a 17-yr old

Sep 22, 2018

I started developing Clipjump in March 2013, and by the same month, next year, it had 100k+ downloads. And just so you know, this was done without any marketing or outreach. I had no contacts, no industry experience and I was still in school. But the product found love and it kind of grew organically. This is Clipjump’s story. How it all started? Back in 2012, I decided to learn to program and make things.

Why you should make things

Sep 7, 2018

I don’t know about other fields of study but making is of paramount importance in Computer Science. Making means creating something. That is, putting your knowledge into practice. Let’s try to understand why is putting knowledge into practice important. But first, why is knowledge important? That is, why do you learn? Why do you educate yourself? To make yourself more employable, to earn more, to make yourself valuable. Right?